Best Of Phoenix Music (2019) Disc 1

01. Keep On Jumping (PEZNT Remix)
02. Talkin’ Blues (Original Mix)
03. Make It Better (Original Mix)
04. Losing You (Hatiras & Andy Reid Remix)
05. Be There For Me (Saison Remix)
06. What You Want (Original Mix)
07. Hypnotic (Original Mix)
08. Champion Sound (Original Mix)
09. You Got (Original Mix)
10. That Sound (Hatiras & Andy Reid Remix)
11. Celebrate (Original Mix)
12. All The Wiser (Mirko & Meex Remix)
13. Like No One Before (KPD Remix)
14. Gonna Find A Way (Original Mix)
15. You Know What I Need (KPD & Lunnas Remix)
16. Let It Shine (Babert Remix)
17. Your Name (Original Mix)
18. What U Believe (Original Mix)
19. Mayibuye (Khalimba Original Mix)
20. Twilight For Some (Classic Mix)
21. Fake It (Original Mix)

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